WALL MOUNTED HORIZONTAL TRACK with rounded cover and side caps

Product Description

The horizontal track allows you to attach and remove our wide range of dedicated products. This cover is the ideal option when choosing to showcase and highlight Profilo Smart’s elegant design in the bathroom environment. The cover is an aluminium profile with a sleek and smooth design offered in 3 different standard finishes (anodized, similar stainless steel or varnished with any possible colour) and a variety of other customised ones (gold plated, laser-printed, engraved, etched, printed etc.).
The aluminium side caps are the same colour as the cover.



11-101-* Custom size
*Anodized finish = 70; similar stainless steel = 75;
varnished finish can be any colour of choice = XX
Technical Data Sheet ………………………………………… PDF
Product line SMART
Materials Aluminum, ABS, PA6 + 30%
FG, MEDICAL PVC, stainless steel
Finish Anodized
Colour code
Similar stainless
Colour code
Max loading weight 1200 kg /2645.5lbs
/1 m
Awarded Segnalazione d’Onore Compasso d’Oro
Warranty 5 Years
Made in Italy