The Track of the future.

Currently, there is an increasing need for universal design everywhere, especially within the Hospitality, Residential and Healthcare markets.
Our innovative track and cover system is designed to make the bathroom environment flexible without compromising the aesthetics and
the design.
Our innovative flexible system consists of a wall mounted aluminium track
and an aluminium cover.

The track is an aluminium profile that is installed on the wall approximately
1 meter from the floor.

On position A of the track, many different accessories can be easily attached, removed and horizontally adjusted, without the requirement for any tools. Within the cavity of position B a strip of LED lights can be placed. If necessary, position C can facilitate the passing of power or data cables.

The maximum loading weight of the aluminium track is 1200 kg. per meter. The track can be installed on walls made of many different materials including plaster walls.


The cover is an aluminium profile hinged on the track. It can be lifted to
allow the attachment, removal or adjustment of the different accessories.
When the cover is raised, a special plastic accessory keeps the cover
opened to facilitate the operations by only one person.
When the cover is closed, the plastic component D keeps the cover locked
in the closed position.
The cover hides the track and the attachment on the track of all the accessories.


3 different cover shapes available.

Cover 1 is plain and can be customized in many different colours and finishing.

Cover 2 can be coated with different kind of materials such as marble, mosaic, wood and others.

Cover 3 allows on the front side to insert many different kinds of materials.


The cover leaves complete freedom to the architect, interior designer
and professionals to decide the best decorative option to blend or
contrast the system, matching the design of the bathroom.
According to the design needs, any different kind of colour, material
and finishing can be chosen.

Dynamic furniture solutions.

A modular system where the accessories are easily added, removed and adjusted in the optimum position for the user. We offer a wide range of accessories to attach on the track.