The environment has to adapt to people’s needs.

People with reduced mobility are well aware of this simple truth. In order to help remove as many physical limitations as possible, we design and manufacture products pursuing a fundamental belief: it is the environment that has to adapt to people and not the other way around.
Beauty matters

We believe that beauty and elegance create comfort.

Whatever the reason be that we find ourselves in a Healthcare facility, being surrounded by beautiful things reassures us that we are being treated in an environment that cares and has given thought to our needs.

We believe that beauty matters and helps people to be serene. It creates continuity between the comfort of our houses and the temporary visit to a Healthcare facility. That’s why our products are designed to mix smooth functionality with spotless elegance.


Future focused

We understand that we will always be better if we are aiming towards something big, ambitious and inspiring.

Above all, we create something that truly connects real products with work / life missions, not just short term needs. In other words, we design and make products that are useful and relevant now and in the future.

We support the right of everyone to feel safe and independent in their environment, regardless of age or mobility.

Beautifully designed products transform the everyday world into a safer, more flexible and beautiful environment for everyone.
Utility and beauty

We believe that artefacts can only be beautiful if they are well considered and well designed.

The aesthetic qualities of any product is integral to its usefulness because products used every day have such a profound effect on people and their well-being. But useful design must also fulfil its intended function – building on sustainability in the sense that design and materials are durable and not just a trend.
Dynamic mindset

Re-adapting the bathroom environment brings many advantages.

We provide solutions that grow with the needs of the user. But we are also passionate, confident and focused on the future. We make a difference to people’s lives and support and encourage a culture of innovation.