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30th January 2017
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9th October 2018
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We care deeply about the quality of our products and we are constantly working to improve them and to ensure the highest degree of quality.

We understand that under the previous Company Management – Profilo Smart Italia – some technical issues might have affected the functionality of certain batches of our line of arm supports sold in the Netherlands from 2012 onwards.

The new Management of Profilo Smart Ireland’s first priority was to solve all the issues related to the existing products. Our R&D Department work tirelessly to ensure a higher standard of production quality since the production begun in November 2016.

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Recall plan

Profilo Smart Ireland’s Management have decided to proceed with a recall on the sensitive batches of arm supports sold since 2012 in the Netherlands. The facilities equipped with the relevant products will be contacted directly by our Dutch Distributor, Sanmedi, who will then schedule a check-up with their specialists.



Products that are still under warranty, that may potentially have problems will be checked thoroughly and, depending on the issue, the Sanmedi’s specialists will decide whether to fix or to replace the product.

We thank you for your collaboration in helping us to resolve problems.

Your assistance is appreciated and necessary to avoid future issues and to promptly solve existing ones.